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Welcome to Dava Bazaar

Dava bazaar is a unique medical marketplace platform for patients, prescribers, pharma companies, and pharmacies. All pharmacy businesses with a valid drug license can immediately set up an online store to sell all the medicines and other products they carry in their real store. Dava Bazar promotes you 24/7: No employee will do that.

Davabazaar subscription (₹1500 per month) is a cost-effective and competent system. Davabazaar helps you compete, by leveraging all your natural advantages in having solid brick-and-mortar stores, along with the use of best in the information technologies.

Advantage Dava Bazaar

Customers Prefer Stores

People search online, but they always like getting a touch and feel before they buy, they also trust talking to a real person in their local language and prefer to pay in cash or sometimes avail credit.

Improve Return On Investment

You can receive offers for trade schemes, spot offers, special pricing, etc directly from pharma companies. You can sell off your slow/non-moving items (about three months old) at a discount to achieve zero expiries. Both options improve your rolling.

Get More Customers

The online pharma business is about 18% of the total trade volumes. We are supporting you to route the online inquiries into walk-in or deliverable opportunities. So this becomes an altogether new channel and source of business for you. Plus, once these newly acquired customers know about your store, it is unlikely they will search the web first.

Selling Live Online

Davabazaar can provide you connection with on-site live customers via WhatsApp video chat. The buyer initiates the chat or video, so just keep your smart phones free to receive inquiries and conduct sales right out of your own business premises.

About Your Competition

The much-touted online pharmacies have no real advantage and so they focus only on providing discounts, that even a pharmacy provides easily. These crazy discounts are short-term unsustainable gimmicks. There is really nothing a real pharmacy cannot do that these online stores are promoting, actually, you can become a much better business because you have so many other things working for you.

About Dava Bazaar

Dava bazaar is the best digital experience platform (DXP) for patients, prescribers, producers, and pharmacists, with robust content management tools, sophisticated APIs for multichannel publishing, and a track record of continuous innovation, dealing with pedagogy, prognosis, prescriptions, posology, products, pharmacotherapeutics, pharmacovigilance, etc. Davabazaar is ready to stand as the hub of digital presence to serve pharmaceutical producers & their personnel, pharmacies & their pharmacists, prescribers & their patients, and payers. This project is led by the team at DBI Infotech LLP.





₹ 1500/mo Webstore

Add Free Appstore

  • Free Pharmacy Listed
  • Free User Searchable
  • Free Store Locator
  • Free Contact Details
  • Free Education & Training
  • Free Events Participation
  • Free Company Updates
  • Free User Groups Participation
  • All of Freemium Services Plus
  • Listed at Product Locator Search
  • Create Own Online StoreFront
  • Get Webstore Followers
  • Get Product Inquiries and Leads
  • Attend Clients Online Live & Make Sales
  • Co-branded Patient Promotions
  • Dropship - Sell Goods You Do Not Carry
  • Supply e-Prescribed Medicines
  • Inventory Management Module
  • Purchase Management Module
  • Sales Management Module
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • POS & Credit Management
  • Prescriber Pharmacy Integration
  • Latest Offers, Schemes, Supply Sources

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