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This dava bazaar serves, patients, prescribers, pharmacies, pharmacists, pharmaceutical (फार्मास्युटिकल) producers, and their personnel, even periodontists, plants, and pets. Dava bazaar which means medicine marketplace has many facets, so expect storefronts, communities, news, events, and many others, very typical of a (noisy & chaotic, but mostly fresh) bazaar.


We have narrowed down our focus and energies to procurement, the 'one' essential need of patients, prescribers, pharmacies, and pharma producers. The procurement need is, 'what' is this prescribed product and 'where' can one get it locally 'and if' it is not available locally how to contact the producer and/or their agents or maybe the pharmaceutical medical representatives to procure the same. This makes 'Get Well Soon' really possible. Skipping prescribed medicine, using substitutes, or consuming the wrong medication can create additional issues over and above the one patient is already suffering. 

We call this service, the product locator and it is free! Pharmacies are Food & Drug Administration: FDA licensed premises where prescribed products are stocked with inspected and verified suitable storage conditions and only state-registered pharmacists are involved in the sales. Then there are special supply chain provisions (rules and regulations) in handling pharmaceutical produce. Our primary work and service are to connect a patient's prescription to a pharmacy where the product is available. This involves product listing, taking the help of the manufacturing and/or marketing company, and also adding pharmacies who stock these products for sale. In addition, each product has useful information on caution, care, dosage, indication, ADR (adverse drug reaction) reporting, etc as set forth by the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of 1940 and rules thereof 1945. The product listing, if adopted by the people of the manufacturing pharma company may also contain SmPC (Summary of Product Characteristic) content regarding its best method of use, possible contraindications, incompatibilities, minimum and maximum dose schedule, various warnings related to alcohol, pregnancy, breastfeeding, food, preventive precautions, actions on overdose, medical test interferences, etc.


Dava bazaar is the best digital experience platform (DXP) for patients, prescribers, producers, and pharmacists, with robust content management tools, sophisticated APIs for multichannel publishing, and a track record of continuous innovation, dealing with pedagogy, prognosis, prescriptions, posology, products, pharmacotherapeutics, pharmacovigilance, etc. Davabazaar.com is ready to stand as the hub of digital presence to serve pharmaceutical producers & their personnel, pharmacies & their pharmacists, prescribers & their patients, payers.


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Dava bazaar commenced commercial operations on 14th Jan 2022.  DBI Infotech LLP is verified and certified by the government of India's Startup India program. The qualified and experienced folks at dava bazaar really understand the core nature of their work. We serve people already in trouble, and so with that sacrosanct understanding, we move forward and we aspire to become useful and pray for almighty benevolence. At dava bazaar, our belief is that we have undertaken a very important journey of collaborating to collect, collate and compile this medical information and so we seek your blessings and possible cooperation.

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